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Coming On: 25 Jul 2017

Gracelynn Moans Spoiled On Her Birthday

I'd already fucked Gracelynn once for her birthday but I wan't done with her spankings and I hadn't given her her birthday gift so after some screwing around in the hot tub, I bought my best friend back to the bedroom and fucked her again, this time smothering her in money - bitches love money! :)
Coming On: 01 Aug 2017

Bitches Love Money - It's Gracelynn's Birthday

Gracelynn had no idea that I was going to give her a very nice birthday present when we headed to the hot tub, but after giving her multiple orgasms in the hot tub, I took her to my room and gave her one more. Make a girl cum like I make Gracelynn cum and you'll have a friend forever.